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Dev blog rebalances a plastic fork

by on Mar.29, 2012, under Eve online

So the fall out from Fanfest is racing around the internet.  I guess for me, being in the room at the panel presentation, I was less than impressed and didn’t really feel it was appropriate to name in-game names.  My patience had been exhauseted and I didn’t really listen fully to Mittens, and so the finer nuances of what he said didn’t really hit home to me.

I guess, however, what has happened can be captured in a pretty simple way:

  1. Mittens apologises
  2. Some very prominent bloggers offer support in blog posts
  3. The apology isn’t seen as enough so he falls on his sword plastic fork
  4. CCP, with finite resources, remove part of the nerf bat from Titans and reapply it to the plastic fork, resulting in it becoming a reasonably sharp knife (not a sword though, it’s only a 30 day ban)
  5. Mittens publishes his agenda for gifting free Goon killmails to anybody who visits Jita

Honestly this is a difficult situation.  I think that Mittens was, on balance, a good thing for CSM, and with the increased mandate across all of the CSM, it could have been an even better CSM this year.

CCP were in an almost impossible situation.  Yes – read Easley Thames’ post as it has some very important things to consider, and CCP have put out another Dev blog with more detail.  However, the problem came in the Q&A at the end.  The pre-prepared PowerPoint presentation didn’t cover the unscripted Q&A – it merely set-up potential for problems in the Q&A session.

Through all of this, Goons are still in Eve in their droves, and now threatening Jita.  How successful they’ll be is another question.  Jita is a 0.9 system full of griefers already.  How successful they’ll be in combatting the remote repair games and rapid Concord response will be fascinating to watch.  Maybe it will be as eventful as the Hulkageddon that they haven’t actually sponsored.

All I can see is the potential for lots of people with sensor boosters to sit and get free killmails as all the gank Brutix / Tornado’s etc. try to blow up freighters which are being remote repped while all the other Jita griefers try to lock quick enough to be able to get in on the killmail as Concord pops the Goons.

It could, of course, actually work.

Just imagine.

That’s part of the beauty of Eve – it is a sandbox, and as such is incredibly unpredictable.  Maybe it will work, maybe it will be an epic fail.  Maybe it’s just a diversion for something else.  Maybe we’re all just being trolled and nothing will actually happen.

Maybe.  How may other MMO’s can you play where these sort of possibilities could even be considered?

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