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Death to 1,000 Clicks

by on Jul.11, 2014, under Eve online

Sisi has recently been updated so that the invention part of the new industry UI is working.  I’ve included a screen shot below so those of you who haven’t looked at it yet can see what’s on the way:

New Eve Industry UI

If you haven’t read the Dev Blogs about the upcoming changes, or played with them on the test server (Sisi), I cannot emphasise how major this change is for anybody who touches industry processes on an even casual basis.

I decided to run a comparison.  With BPC’s in place, I decided to do 10 inventions on Tranquility, and then do the same on Sisi.  It took me 90 seconds and 81 mouse clicks to do on Tranquility, and 75 seconds with 15 mouse clicks on Sisi.

Not a huge saving in time, but on mouse clicks, wow.  As I tend to do at least 70 invention/reverse engineering jobs each day on weekdays, this translates to a saving just under 9 minutes a week, which is nothing, but a magnificent removal of 2,310 mouse clicks each week from my Eve online experience – that is pretty amazing.

The teams are up and running, and I managed to successfully bid on a team to reduce some the manufacturing time on something.  It cost me 490k ISK, and essentially made me think that we’re about to get eBay for New Eden.

As you can see, the interface is fairly simple to use. You click on the columns to sort by type or high to low, and use the filters to find what sort of team you’re looking for.  Once you find that perfect team, you click on bid and enter the system you want the team to be based at, and then the value of your bid.  I’m assuming that even if teams aren’t perceived as useful (which I think they very much will be) this will be a lot like eBay in that it will only really be worth bidding towards or at the end of an auction.

Who knows, perhaps with Crest we’ll see 3rd party phone apps copying Bidsniper and placing last second bids for your Eve team through the two way API :)

One thing that I did find annoying, and perhaps it’s just me and how I’m using the interface at the moment, but if you look at the image below, you’ll see that the BPO seems to be showing the base mineral cost, and that the Industry interface is showing the cost once the BPO’s material research has been applied:

Although it’s a lovely thing to know what the base mineral cost is and to see how much your hard spent research time has improved things, it makes it necessary to change how you view blueprints from this point forward.  Never again will you be right clicking and selecting “info” to look at the material requirements, instead you will need to choose to view it in the Industry interface to see what’s going on.

In one sense, making an indy spreadsheet will be easier, as you’d just need to enter base information, and then add a column for % material improvement from research to modify the cost, and as you research the BPO you will just have to amend that one column (if you weren’t already using this sort of method before, but with the complicated formula).  It would have been a nice touch to add a base cost figure in brackets after the material cost – that way you could glance at the BPO and see how much (or little) your time researching has improved things.

One other little niggle is that, when you have large numbers of BPO’s and BPC’s kicking about as I do, the interface can be pretty laggy – significantly more so than the old science and industry interface.  Had the interface not been catching its breath to update, my time of 75 seconds for completing 10 inventions would have almost certainly have been below 60 seconds.  It’s a small thing, but think back to the early days of the unified inventory and the need to go and make a cup of tea/coffee while the corporate hanger loaded.  This isn’t that bad, but it’s still a bit annoying as the list flickers and updates.  CCP improved the unified inventory (and we also got used to delays), so I’m hopeful this will go the same way after a couple of polishing updates.

So… overall, if you are involved in any kind of industry in New Eden, you should really try to get on Sisi and play with the new interface now before it’s released.  Even if you don’t care about industry at all, I’d urge you to have at least a cursory look when Miley Crius is released – CCP have obviously worked hard on this, and it’s looking like it will be a job well done.

Now… about the pain of locking and unlocking BPO’s and the terribad Corporate interface – CCP I’m waiting to be impressed again in the very near future please!!!


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