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A bit more testing with Sisi industry

by on Jun.27, 2014, under Eve online

I noticed that Sisi had patched again, so I updated it and fired it up.  I’d also hit the forums and found out that the lovely new indy interface has one (for me and probably many other indy people) VERY annoying “feature”.

Copying for inventions will be nice and quick, as you only need a 1 run BPC to invent from, however, having tried one of my max run drone copies for invention, it appears that it ONLY accepts a 1 run copy, as it refused to use a 1500 run Heavy Armor Maintenance Bot I BPC to invent from, but would accept a 1 run Prophecy BPC to invent from.  For me, this means that after the patch I will have several thousand BPC’s which are useless for inventing from. The words “no thanks” spring to mind here.

As far as copying a blueprint for invention, for me in a Design Laboratory in our null sec system making 20x 1 run copies of a Stasis Webifier I blueprint took 3 hours 36 minutes and cost 15 ISK, and to do the same job for a Kinetic Deflection Field I blueprint took the same time, but cost 53 ISK.

I did find some problems inputting numbers, for example I typed in 20 runs, but for some reason it only did 5, so I started the job with another identical BPO and this time it only did 2 runs, then finally I quit the interface and clicked “use blueprint” to bring it back up again, selected 20 runs and it actually worked.

A few teething problems, but still steps in the right direction.

CCP, your “must do” list for the release is as follows:

  1. Make sure that skills and implants affect the reprocessing values at the POS reprocessing arrays, otherwise they’re basically useless
  2. Fix it so that a BPC with any number of runs can be used to invent from, as having several thousand BPC’s rendered useless for invention by this update will be pretty annoying, to say the least!
  3. Fix the interface bugs – I’m sure you’re working on those already, but just a gentle reminder
  4. Can I also assume that some new brilliant interface will be there to let us lock and unlock blueprints in batches?
  5. Any chance of letting us apply the job process to the multiple blueprints that we can select in the interface? Doesn’t have to be for all of the options, but it would be nice to be able to do batch copying, batch invention etc.

Other than that…. it’s actually starting to come together nicely and I can see how it will save me significant amounts of time

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