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Testing Industry on Sisi

by on Jun.26, 2014, under Eve online

Been quite a difficult past few weeks in RL, so not been able to post, which is breaking one of my New Year’s Resolutions pretty seriously.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with things on the Eve Test Server, Sisi, and am a little concerned that CCP haven’t really calculated the impact of the changes they’re bringing in.

My main concern is the reduction to material cost when manufacturing using certain installations, the Amarr Factory Outpost being one of the places this happens.  This creates a huge disparity in manufacturing costs between pretty much anywhere and null sec.  Of course this is ultimately part of CCP’s plans – risk = ISK, and so I guess they’ll try to lure bigger manufacturing concerns into null sec, and then when they’re settled in and everything is locked down, they’ll roll out some sort of destructible Outpost idea which will then mean everybody will run back to hi-sec.

I can see the idea of having a lo-sec only module to allow you to build Capital Components in lo-sec at a lower cost, but I’m not sure why it couldn’t match the Amarr Outpost’s 30%, as it will still be easy enough to make carriers and dreads in null-sec and then just fly them out to a lo-sec system to sell if that’s your intention.

So trying out the new POS modules I got the following results:

Compression Array: 100 units of Arkonor = 1600 m3, compression reduces it to 3.1m3
Reprocessing Array: 100 units of Arkonor = 119 Megacyte, 664 Mexallon, 3590 Tritanium and 59 Zydrine
Intensive Reprocessing Array: 100 units of Arkonor = 124 Megacyte, 690 Mexallon, 3728 Tritanium and 62 Zydrine
Level 1 upgraded Minmatar Outpost: 100 units of Arkonor = 173 Megacyte, 962 Mexallon, 5200 Tritanium and 87 Zydrine

My skills are 5 and 5 with the Reprocessing and Efficiency skills, and 4 with the Ore specific skills, and I have the 4% implant too.

I then repeated with 100 Veldspar:

Reprocessing Array: 100 units of Veldspar = 215 Tritanium, i.e. 716 Trit per 333 units refined
Intensive Reprocessing Array: 100 units of Veldspar = 224 Tritanium, i.e. 746 Trit per 333 units refined
Level 1 upgraded Minmatar Outpost: 100 units of Veldspar = 313 Tritanium, i.e. 1042 Trit per 333 units refined

The old way of refining usually gave a maximum of 1000 units of Trit per 333 units refined, so from what I can see something doesn’t look very good here.  Based on reading the forum comments from the Reprocessing Dev Blog, I think that the skills are not being applied to the POS modules yet, so I’ll have to wait until Sisi updates again to see what happens.

If it is fixed however, one of the strongest combinations for a Eve Industrial player might be an Amarr Outpost in null-sec with an intensive reprocessing array in support, or a friendly neighbour with a seriously upgraded Minmatar Outpost.

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  • Gilbatron

    there won’t be a 30% material reduction in amarr outposts

    you can get 1% for each upgrade that would have increased manufacturing lines

    that’s 3% from the factory upgrade and 2% from the plant upgrade so 5% max for the amarr outpost. (and at the same time block the refinery upgrade)

    • IndyDude

      Where did you get these numbers? I know the 30% is gone from SISI, but where did you get the material reduction based on upgrades info? Thanks.

  • anonymouse

    In breaking real world news, the united states of america has moved all construction of aircraft carriers, battleships and advanced technologies to the persian gulf supported by mining and refining operations in Afghanistan.

    They’re paying local laborers starting wages of over $100 US per hour because it’s dangerous work and it’s only fair risk = reward.

  • Helena Khan

    One of the things that concerns me is going to be the significant increase in cost for invention/copying. I haven’t been able to test at the POS because the snapshot is too old, but essentially the only cost prior to now has been fuel. Now and admittedly it’s only been a quick run through, to get a low order BPO (ammo/drone) to 10% it was about 13mil per iirc…. Ouch in other words.

    Possibly not much of an effect as far as a percentages goe for high value items, but T2 fittings, drones and ammo could be quite badly affected. Especially for those doing mass production for the market.

    Need to do some more testing to confirm results though.

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