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Playing with the new indy interface

by on Jun.12, 2014, under Eve online

Well, this will only be a quick post due to time constraints… and massive apologies for the lack of posting of late, lots of RL issues and things which have left me with either no time or no energy to post.

Anyway, I’ve just updated Sisi and had a go with the new indy interface.  At the moment it seems a bit buggy.  For instance, when you enter a run number in the box, it doesn’t always work properly or reset to the maximum level.  When trying to do a maximum run copy on a Hobgoblin BPO, it told me that 600 was the maximum in the box, but set 2000 on the job level.

Also, I thought we’re supposed to be using copies for everything?

Copy time of Armageddon on TQ for me = 15 hours, copy time on Sisi 3 hours

Sounds good, but when you do the same with a Hobgoblin BPO at 20 copies of a max run (1,500 on TQ and only 600 on Sisi) for inventing from:

Job time on TQ for me = 3 days 8 hours
Job time on Sisi for me = 25 days


This will need further investigation.

Nice thing was being able to set a job up and then just keep clicking on a BPC and hitting start.  Disappointing that you could select multiple BPO’s/BPC’s in the list, but that the action wouldn’t be applied to them all (even with a warning of “do you really want to start a batch of 4 jobs” sort of message).

More to come on this definitely, but I’d recommend that you download it and have a play.

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