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A challenge to the CCP devs

by on Mar.25, 2014, under Eve online

After talking with my CEO last night, we decided that I should issue a challenge to the CCP devs.

A little background very quickly.  During last week and over the weekend, I decided that enough was enough.  CCP have stated both directly (2 Fanfest’s ago… I was there and heard it first hand) and indirectly (updates and changes to outposts, asteroid composition, and shortly refining reprocessing) that they want null sec to be able to be largely self-dependent for industry, and that things like T2 ships should be made in null sec and brought to hi-sec to sell instead everybody making things in hi-sec and taking them to Jita to be sold to the null sec horde.

What did I do?  No, I didn’t quit Eve (and even if I had, you can’t haz my stuf).  I closed down my hi-sec operations, with the exception of a Jita sales alt, and moved everything I have – characters, blueprints, ships, equipment and materials – out to be with the main null sec corporation in the drone lands.

The last bit of background – CCP have, and continue to make, some very nice tweaks, alterations, changes and additions to the UI which is making our daily lives in the pod goo easier, more informative, and prettier.  The Eve client even has built in Twitch integration now so we can share our experience with the gaming world and beyond.

So what’s the challenge to the CCP devs?

My challenge to the devs is to stream live on Twitch TV the following:

  1. Put 500 blueprint originals, locked down, and 5,000 blueprint copies (500 per can in 10 cans) into a hi-sec station of your choice
  2. With the CEO of the corp having all shares, unlock all the BPOs
  3. Set up courier contracts so you can fit all items into one ship (Orca / Freighter / Jump Freighter – your choice, but must be one ship)
  4. Unpack and set-up BPCs in correct cans
  5. With the CEO of the corp having all shares, lock down the BPOs

We’ll ignore the need for a 6th step of doing the sanctionable actions for the BPOs as that takes around 24 hours to take effect – let’s take that as read.

OK – how about upping the challenge?  Repeat steps 1 to 5 above, but have 3 live streams.  This time there will be the CEO and 2 Directors.  The CEO has 40% of the shares and the 2 Directors have 30% each.  If you don’t want to do 3 simultaneous streams, do them one after the other.

Why am I asking CCP Devs to stream dull carebear activities when a Dev roam would be much more exciting?  I agree, the Dev roam would be better, but I believe that CCP Devs should actually do the things that we, the players, do.  CCP Devs should spend time playing the different parts of the game to see how it works.  I also believe that they should specifically play parts of the game they DO NOT work on, as often they might ask the stupid question that leads to a brilliant change to the playing experience.

Remember when CCP Soundwave decided to try living in wormhole space for a while?  Very quickly after that corporate bookmarks suddenly appeared because he realised what a complete pain it was for pilot to make personal bookmarks and put them in a can to share with other corp members.

Perhaps if CCP Devs accept my challenge they might realise how they could make some simple changes to improve these interfaces.  Here’s one simple idea – on the voting page, simply list the votes with a nice looking checkbox for you to vote either approve or reject (or if not/un clicked, not vote at all).  Then have a confirm all votes button at the bottom.

The contract part is something different, with limits on numbers of things in a contract probably being some complex database thing that is linked to 25 other complicated database things that they need to change all at the same time, but maybe it’s just a number they can change somewhere to increase the maximum per contract.

I’m not even going to talk about the worst interface in Eve, the corporation interface, as I know that CCP are aware of how bad that is and how it needs a complete overhaul.

So CCP – are you up to the challenge?

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