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Pirates in Jita – trying to take the law into my own hands

by on Mar.14, 2014, under Eve online

She sat there in her captains quarters, drumming her fingers with boredom watching the various numbers on the screen as they constantly changed.  Jita was a boring place to be sometimes.  At first she had thought it was an important promotion… an exciting opportunity to be grasped with both hands.  It was only after the first two weeks of being here she realised it was a desk job.

She was past the stage of being furious.  Her, a capsuleer, stuck in an office trading all sorts of things ranging from simple commodities all the way up to huge battleships.  The pay was OK, but all she had was her standard issue Reaper to fly.  Sure, whenever the boss came to visit, she arrived in a massive Orca Industrial Command Ship, or sometimes even in a terrifying Damnation Command Ship.

Still, the Reaper could get her from A to B, the only problem being that she was never asked to go to B. Ever.

It was at that moment that her screen cleared and her boss appeared on the monitor.  “Girl, ” (she inwardly winced, she always called her that, never her actual name, just “girl”), “I have a job for you to do, and it could be dangerous.”.

Meili sat bolt upright at this news, her attention suddenly completely focused on the moment.  Her boss continued, “Two small frigates have been spotted on Jita undock, I believe they are posing as Jovians, but their ships are clearly not of Jovian origin and therefore they must be imposters.  I’m sending you an image to your display now.”

She stared at the camera capture of the vessel.  It was sleek, with a red flashing light on the top. One thing was for sure, it certainly wasn’t Jovian. Her boss’s voice snapped her back to reality.

“You are to undock, challenge them and ask for proof of their identity and licence to operate as Concord sanctioned law enforcement officers.  If they refuse to provide proof, or if the proof is deemed to be fraudulent, you are to engage and destroy them without hesitation.”

With that, the screen flicked back to the trading details, and the conversation was over.

What the… she stared blankly at her neocomm. She was to use her Reaper, not one of the powerful cruisers in the corporate hanger… her Reaper.

As the undocking process completed, her camera drones deployed. Her overview highlighted the offending pair of frigates, and one of them flashed right in front of her as she plotted a path through the usual mess that was the Jita undock.

“Attention, the pilots identifying themselves as CCP Guard and CCP Logibro, you are required to provide proof of your identity and your Concord licence to operate as law enforcement in this area immediately.”

Her voice was shaking a little, and hopefully they hadn’t picked that up.  It was clear to her that her Reaper would not be a match for these ships, she couldn’t even keep up with them.  This was not looking good.

“Shut up ginger.” was the curt reply.

OK, she had to follow orders.

“You have 10 seconds to comply, otherwise I will be forced to destroy your vessel.”

She counted down in her head, very slowly, certainly far slower than the pod’s clock was counting the seconds.

No reply. She swore, or at least the equivalent considering she was immersed in pod goo protecting her from the torturous forces even her tiny Reaper was trying to apply to her body as it ducked and dived, weaving a complex path through the dozens of ships around the undock area.

“Time’s up.” she warned them.  She briefly considered the foolishness of giving them a warning that she was about to fire on them, but all things considered, she thought it largely irrelevant whether they were warned or not; she simply didn’t stand a chance against one of them, let alone both.

She willed the Reaper to fire upon the first target, CCP Guard.

Meili Ling opened her eyes and tried to breathe.  She couldn’t breathe and fell to her knees on the floor and coughed all the gunk from her lungs.  The Clone Technician came over and offered his hand to help her to her feet.  Naked and covered in the cloning goo, she made a mental note to formally complain to the Station Chief as the Cloning Technician’s eyes roamed across her body.

Shaking her head she pushed him away and gave him a look clearly indicating that he should leave, and quickly.  As he scampered to the door she walked into the shower cubicle and started to formulate the report she would file.


Yes, CCP Guard and CCP Logibro were in special edition Comets at the Jita undock just before downtime today.  As a respectable New Eden Citizen, I felt obliged to challenge them to prove their identity, as they were not flying Jovian ships and therefore were likely to be imposters.  Unfortunately, upon firing upon them, I was instantly popped and podded.

Hopefully somebody else stepped into my place and avenged me :)

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