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You mean people don’t just shoot each other? CCP to investigate!

by on Jan.17, 2014, under Eve online

Please, everybody who reads this blog and everybody else you know – get them to complete the CCP survey about industry.

In the UK, we are known for having a rather invasive and tenacious newspaper industry.  Recently, our government has been trying to introduce laws to regulate the industry in the wake of a phone hacking scandal which resulted in one Sunday newspaper actually closing its doors.  The industry’s own regulator is perceived to have failed, and their own suggestion of a new regulator, not enshrined in law, has been rejected by the government, with the government’s proposal having been rejected by the press themselves.

So why am I sharing this completely non-Eve related information with you?  Well, despite all of the above, the Prime Minister yesterday described the UK’s press as the “linchpin of democracy”.

How does that work then?  Do the Government like the newspapers or dislike them?  Do they trust them?  Do they value them?

I’ll be honest that I, personally, strongly dislike the way some of the more “basic” newspapers sensationalise things to instil sometimes more extreme views in a relatively small section of society about a particular subject, decision or event.  I also find it quite amusing when a particular newspaper or TV news programme is obviously politically partisan, and then denies that it is when challenged with the plain facts.

Again, how does this relate to Eve?

Well, this is stretching the analogy a little far (even for me, somebody who lives for analogies!), but imagine that the government represents CCP, everyday people in the UK represent “normal” players in Eve, and the press represent industrial players in Eve.  I did warn you that this analogy was stretching things, but try to stick with me for a moment :)

So the industrialists haven’t regulated themselves very well: bots to mine ice/ore and to farm rats are known to be an issue; large alliances control the high end moon mining and have formed cartels to manipulate the market; the soft squishy Carebears have been too difficult to find and kill until more recently.

How have the industrialists (the press) reacted?  Some players have been incensed and have been very vocal, stirring up small parts of the player community.  Some players have tried to present reasoned opinion and have even tried to suggest their own solutions to the issues raised.

However, CCP don’t seem to like this and have started to impose their own regulation: gravitational sites no longer need to be scanned; interceptors can almost insta-warp even through bubbles almost before they’ve finished jumping through the gate;  new deployable modules are added to make it easier to disrupt the Carebears work.

Yet despite this, the recent CSM minutes acknowledge that most of the value in the game is due to manufacturing.  Just like the UK’s Prime Minister, CCP have effectively given the nod to say that they do know that Eve needs industry.

Wow – I’m really rambling on with this post. Time to end it with a little thought:

PvP players – how many accounts do you have? 2, maybe 3? One main PvP account with possibly a booster alt? Industry players – how many accounts do they have? Well, many multi-box miners will run between 6 and 10 accounts, all mining at the same time.  Pure manufacturing players might have between 4 and 6 accounts. Even professional mission runners will be running at least 2 if not 3 accounts to ensure that they are breezing through sites quickly, and cleaning up their mess behind them.

So, on average, each industry character will have 2 to 5 times as many active subscriptions as a PvP player.  That’s quite a lot of money in subscriptions to be ignoring or, even worse, changing the game to make their gameplay less enjoyable.

I encourage you once again to complete the survey linked at the top of the post.  If CCP are given enough feedback from enough players, just maybe something might happen.

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  • Moxnix

    That’s a pretty crappy survey. About all it asks (besides basic demographics like age, sex, country and how much you play Eve) is do you use S&I, why don’t you and would you consider using it if we change it.

    About all CCP is going to get out of that is that players hate S&I because it sucks.

  • Lukas Rox

    I only disagree a out number of accounts – you don’t need more than 2 accounts to be successful in invention and amnufacturing. Most people who manufacture items (manufacture != mine ) have 1 through 3 accounts.

  • Walker

    Maybe a more relevant question is, ‘how many accounts does a type of player pay for on average?’ If a miner has 8 accounts but he pays for all of them with the isk he generates mining — then how much money is CCP getting out of that player to fund operations? If combat players tend to pay for their accounts and buy plex when they lose shiny ships, maybe they are more valuable to CCP.

    Also, which style of play is more likely to result in a trial account becoming a long term customer?

    If PvP pays the bills I don’t mind CCP showing them favoritism. However, it would be a shame if it’s just personal bias on the part of some CCP developers.

    My guess is that EVE would grow if CCP also had a marketing campaign aimed at industrialist, instead of treating it like a shameful byproduct of the game that they would prefer to nurf.

  • The Fallen

    Not going to lie, but your run of the mill Null PvP’er will probably have 3-4 accounts maybe more also. one pvp toon, maybe a super, dread, or carrier toon, booster alt, plus one or more ratting alts than rat away the day while you PvP.
    My recent move back to null has left me needing/wanting at least one more alt on top of the two i already have. I would like a dedicated ratting alt, maybe even two, one of them doubling as an account to have a super/titan alt.

    This appears to be the norm out here, most people have one maybe two accounts subbed, the rest are funded by the ratting and or industry they do.
    (takes roughly 55 forsaken hubs of ratting loot in a fully upgraded minmatar station to build an archon btw)

  • Khori

    A minor point, and this is probably nitpicking: Miners aren’t industrialists. Multiboxing mining vessels does not make one an industrialist.

    At risk of “no one true scotsman” fallacy, an industrialist builds stuff, but has long since realized its better to let others do the leg work (mining and hauling) so he can maximize output, etc.

    As I posted on the forums, I don’t believe there’s going to be any changes until a dev tries to make a monthly plex through strict S&I inventing/building (maybe PI as well with its aweful interface).

    Sometimes I wonder if CCP balances things by how tedious/annoying it is to get things done over risk/reward.

  • Fisty

    Within my EvE sphere, I am the “little” guy with only 5 mains to mine, run indy and invent. Our current high end running 12 accounts, and is limiting himself to only using 3 computers to run them all. I say this because high level production industrial players do exist, and many of them are paying in RL money not only isk. Not all ofc, look to the ice miners, the capital producers, and the mass T2 producers, I hear they do well.
    There are many of us, we do spend rl money on this game, and I for one am sick and tired of being passed over by people who think we’re a minority and don’t deserve attention for whatever reason.
    That being said, that survey is BS. Just my little corp is sitting on many BPOs across primary and “shell” corps to get what we do done efficiently. (number deleted, can’t be too safe) And I’m well aware we’re not the big guys.
    With a web developer on our side we’ve created a powerful tool to assist in streamlining our production flow to a point that would make the most anal retentive micro-manager blush. And to be fair I say “we’ve” created. He created, we nitpicked.
    Either way, the proof of large scale industrial players is evident all across EvE if you know where to look. ex:Bloodtear industrial report. But as EvE is designed to damage indy players quite badly through use of actions considered to be “game mechanics,” and list grows larger every expansion, most of us are well hidden.
    Personally I’d rather CCP give us the ability to hunt cloaked campers, all trolling aside, it would bring a very interesting pvp layer to the table. Not to mention giving miners something to do instead of hanging 500mil isk ships for bait. One of my biggest issues is the time and isk a miner invests in their fleet, that can be erased in an instant by a few day old toon in a noobship with a cyno.
    Personally I continue to play, only to chat with the people I have met, not for any real joy of the game. That and to hope that one day CCP will give us some love.

  • Ardent Defender

    Only ever had just 2 Accounts, with just 1 account fully capable of doing almost everything that could be done by both with likely less efficiency though.

    I lacking in faith that the recent S & I survey will change much especially with the type of questions asked In total.

    Though I’ve barely played EVE in months at barely even an hour a week I’m still subbed on both account and much an Industrialist in every way. I’ve been subbed to EVE for about 4 years which despite my in game wealth has been fully paid for with RL dollars. I don’t take it lightly that industrialist get ignored allot compared to the rest if the game.

  • E

    Out of my 9 characters 6 are used for 0.0 life (main subcap char, carrier alt, dread alt, 2 cyno alts and a general support char / oldest alt / that can rat, mine, reprocess, build basic stuff, explore, and use logistics, bombers, and recon – all of this half way :) ).
    I have 3 chars of which 1 is trader, 2 are industrialists building stuff. They help fund pvp activities, ratting is boring…

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