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Time to use some of those untested skill points

by on Jan.06, 2014, under Eve online

So I’ve invested a reasonable number of skill points into combat type things with some of my characters.  One, for example, has completed the entire drone skill tree and can fly all tech 2 logistics ships with relevant skills all to level V (but has virtually no gunnery or missile skills).  Another character has completed the leadership skill tree and can fly all racial Battlecruisers (level V) and Command Ships (level V) with a very good level of proficiency in small and medium weapons.  A third is good with bombers and interceptors, and can fly a Tengu very nicely.

What all of these toons (and various others) do, though, is research, copy, invent, reverse engineer, manufacture and sell all kinds of things, mostly not leaving the confines of a station unless to mine or do some PI or moon related activities.  A waste? Maybe.

What I’m looking for is the opportunity to try out that black art called PvP.  I’m not talking about throwing billions of ISK at this as a project and flying Tengus or pimped out Damnations, but flying a frigate or cruiser, maybe an interceptor or assault frigate.  That would be something good to start with.  Now I could just grab 100 Rifters and go out and see what happens, but I think all I’d probably do is just lose 100 Rifters and learn precious little.  Now, flying with somebody else or a small group – that would be better.

No – I can’t drop a toon and put them into RvB. No – I’m not going to roll another toon and put them into RvB, as they’d be crap and I want to learn how to use the characters I already have, and understand what gaps to fill in their skill queues. No – I don’t mind if my sec status drops a bit, as long as I can fly in empire space still, I don’t mind – and I plan to counter with ratting and missioning to repair my status.

I was thinking on maybe one or two roams of about an hour or two a week. Again, perhaps I’m very wide of the mark here, but then you’re no doubt leet and I’m just a n00b carebear :P

So – suggestions? Offers? Pointing and laughing?

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  • Jakob Anedalle

    I’d suggest looking up the RvB Ganked roams. They’re roughly weekly and are open to everyone, not just RvB members. I’ve heard similar things of Bombers Bar and Condor Bar, but I haven’t been in those. The problem for those might be that they have to run on someone else’s time schedule rather than yours.

    Other than that you could join some of the PVP oriented channels – sometimes groups like “The Daily Roam” have pick-up roams randomly.

  • Robb

    Chechen out the bombers bar channel. There’s usually a fleet forming or active and accepting pilots. It’s a non-political group. You can get a link to spectre fleet there too – same concept but non-cloaky.

  • The_Fallen

    Quite honestly…….go to RvB or as Jakob says, go on the ganked roams to start.
    Some of the flaws in your plan for rolling around lowsec is that you will be hard pressed to find much solo PvP, and also any PvP you do find may result in you getting yourself some killrights, which can be activated in highsec, probably when your pants are well and truly down moving from system to system in your T3 or Battleship mission boat…..and also your pod.
    Unless you familiarize yourself with the aggression system, and the ‘shedding’ of killrights, lowsec will only cause you more grief back in highsec.
    Go to a well vetted highsec PvP corp, it doesnt have to be RvB, there are plenty of highsec wardec corps you could chuck a toon into to learn to pew. But i honestly would reccomend RvB. You will learn much more than losing a hundred rifters in lowsec.

  • Khori

    Part of the “take 100 Rifters out to lowsec and engage everything” rite of passage is to ask the one(s) who defeated you for feedback.

    The R1FTA pilots are usually a cheerful bunch, I doubt you’d get a bad response if you chatted then up after a fight.

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