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Overlooking the obvious

by on Jan.01, 2014, under Eve online

Wow what a start to 2014.  My first post and I’ve overlooked the obvious.

After I hit publish, I had this nagging feeling that I’d missed something, and after re-reading a friend’s post on Zero Gravity Geology, I’m going to give Red Frog a try to see how that works out.  I think I’ll try them for maybe a week or two and, if it works out ok, I’ll go from there and use my time more productively.

Hooray for other bloggers!

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  • Moxnix

    I used to use Red Frog exclusively to ship large, valuable loads of stuff around… Until I tried using public courier contracts and discovered things usually get delivered much faster that way.

    I just set up public courier contracts paying the same rates RFF would have charged. RFF usually took around 24 hours for the majority of my contracts and 2-3 days for most of the rest. Very few got delivered in much less than 24 hours. Nearly all of my RFF contracts were from on the 5 main hubs to another and most of the rest were to large regional hubs.

    With public courier contracts, nearly all of my contracts get delivered overnight now (in less than 12 hours) and many only take a 1-3 hours. Very few take more than 12 hours and most of those are way off the beaten path and originating in low sec.

    Another bonus to using public courier contracts is you don’t have to deal with Red/Blue/Black Frog’s arbitrary collateral limits and massive fee increases for higher collateral and/or shipping to or from low and null. In those cases I usually set public contracts to pay 50-100% more but nowhere near RFF rates and most of them get delivered quickly too.

    All in all I’ve been very happy with public courier contracts and haven’t used RFF at all since I started experimenting with public contracts.

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