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More mouths to feed on the ship

by on Nov.24, 2013, under Eve online

Colin waited for the transport tube to finish its journey to the dock, trying to look at the unusually large number of people sharing the journey with him today.  On Tuesdays, it was usually pretty quiet, yet today there were over 20 other people in the tube with him.

As the doors opened he stepped out onto the dock and then froze. It was a complete mess. There were literally thousands of people scurrying around the huge docking area between the various ships, with huge crates of equipment stacked before each ship. He took out his datapad and scanned through for any kind of notice or message that might explain the scene before him, but there was nothing.

He set off for his assigned ship, constantly having to push past groups of people and almost being knocked over four or five times by engineers running one way or another. He approached the huge Gallente Anshar class jump freighter where he worked, the ID chip embedded beneath the skin on his left arm automatically registering his arrival and allowing him access to the crew loading platform. Again surprised, there were at least 50 others on the platform with him as it silently floated across to the ship and guided them into the crew onboarding facility.

Walking through the ships corridors towards his bunk, the ship was literally full of people.  Usually a ship this size would be crewed by a few hundred people and, of course, the capsuleer, but this time there were easily over a thousand people on board.

As he dropped his small luggage holdall onto his bunk, the chimes signifying undocking rang out through the ship’s intercom system. He made his way to his station within the cargo area where he would be responsible for monitoring the ship’s contents during the jumping process. When he arrived the area was packed with people, all wearing Core Complexion Space Exploration suits. The First Mate appeared on a projection towards the front and silence descended.

“Right, you know what you have to do – now’s the time, so get out there and earn your credits.”

Colin tapped the suited woman beside him on the shoulder – “What’s going on? Why are you all here?”. Rolling her eyes, her explanation would have been laughed at in any other situation “Well since Concord came along and replaced all of the engines in the space ships, the boss has become annoyed at the extra time it takes this thing to get where it’s going in warp, so that’s why we’re all here.”

By this time Colin was ready for about any explanation “Here to do what?” he asked. “All of us here have spacesuits with manoeuvring thrusters. We’re here to get out and push!”

 Inspired by the new warp acceleration and deceleration changes, where an interceptor can be en route to a grav site at 20 AU before it’s even finished decloaking from the jump gate, and where freighters seem to be about to stop short of their destination, only to slow boat and finally get there.

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  • Moxnix

    “We’re here to get out and push!”

    I really, actually did laugh out loud when I read that.

  • TurAmarth

    LOL… you need to write one about the Interceptor that was found floting in space near a station… seems they had a brief, a very very brief… nanosecond brief, loss of internal force field stability during a slight course correction after landing and accellerating towards the station and the crew… all of the crew, ended up as a very thin smear of reddish grey soup all over the aft sections of the ship…

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