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by on Aug.27, 2013, under Eve online

As part of any traders’ activities, I would imagine that all utilise the excellent website, Eve-Central.  To be honest, I would imagine that the vast majority of pod pilots use this website at one time or another.  Want a quick price check on something and can’t be bothered to load your Jita alt… check the price on Eve-Central.com.  Need some materials and want to see whether the Mexallon 5 jumps from you is massively overpriced… check the price on Eve-Central.com.

In fact, Eve-Central is one of the most essential websites for anybody with leanings towards being, as the leet PvP heros would say, a Care Bear.  Whether you use the site via its own website or, as I and many others do, use the excellent API interface to process the information another way, whether via a database or PHP etc.

However, I wonder how many people were aware that all of us can contribute to the accuracy and usefulness of Eve-Central with virtually no effort on our part?  By simply downloading and installing Contribtastic, (or in the case of Mac users, download and compile the source code) and then opening it before you start loading your Eve clients, every time you look at anything in the market, it will periodically scan your Eve cache directory and upload the data to Eve-Central to use.

How amazing is that?  How many online games have a community capable of bringing together something on this scale?

My plea to anybody who reads this is to spread the word and use Contribtastic.  I would say that, if possible, whatever region you are in, while you are flying around or mining, doing PI, manufacturing, even hunting Care Bears, open up the market and click on a few things.  Try to be a bit different, for example I click on minerals, but I also try and do something else, like a few ships, modules or rigs each day.  As a British supermarket says… every little helps!

If more people do this in more regions, this will help traders spot more market gaps, and if more market gaps are filled, then perhaps Jita won’t be the one and only source of everything.  Of course I’m being completely over optimistic here, but even though I tend to sell most of my and my Corp’s product in Jita, I have decided to make a conscious effort to spread the sales around a bit more where possible, and even try to fill some gaps in Amarr and Dodixie to see what happens.  Nothing is probably going to be the answer, but me sitting back and expecting somebody else to do it won’t answer anything, and also will possibly let them take a profit that I could get instead!

TLDR Use Eve-Central more and help make it better by downloading and using Contribtastic

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