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I’m going to build a lego house…

by on Mar.22, 2013, under Eve online

So, you have around 20 billion ISK free and don’t know what to do with it. You don’t fancy buying a Super Carrier that will obviously just end up being hot dropped by PL.  What can you do?  You can build your own outpost of course!

Amarr Factory OutpostCaldari Research Outpost
Gallente Administrative OutpostMinmatar Service Outpost

Building an Outpost is a huge undertaking, as I’ll show over the next few posts.  So far, our corporation has built two Outposts, and Amarr and a Minmatar, and upgraded a Minmatar Outpost.  The first Outpost we built was constructed from PI material the Corp harvested, the second was around 70% from the Corp and 30% from Jita buy orders.

An interesting fact is that, as far as I know, this is the only item in Eve that can be used a finite number of times.  I perhaps haven’t worded that particularly well, but currently CCP only allow one Outpost to be deployed in each null sec system where Soverignty can be claimed.  As there is a limited number of such systems, there can only be a limited number of Outposts deployed.  Why?  The simple fact is that Outposts currently cannot be destroyed.  For those unfamiliar with the mechanics of taking Soverignty in null sec, when you “kill” an Outpost, the Corporation of the person who got the final blow becomes the proud owner of the Outpost, which survives its structure being completely destroyed.

I plan to spread this over a number of posts, I may change things as I go along, but my initial thoughts are:

  • Raw materials you need
  • Production time and logistics
  • Deploying your Outpost and extra materials needed
  • Differences between Outposts and uses
  • Upgrading your Outpost

Five posts looks like quite a bit, so I may combine some depending on how much material I end up having for each one.  I will probably try to tidy up the spreadsheet that I made for calculating the PI material and cost used when we first did this a couple of years ago and, if I’m not too ashamed of it, I’ll make it available for download if anybody is interested in how not to do an Excel spreadsheet.  If I do post it, my ego will set any comments pointing out how fail my spreadsheet is as spam :)



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