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Cool Eve domain for sale

by on Dec.19, 2012, under Eve online

Ages ago I registered the domain eve-hosting.net with the idea that I’d offer blogging, website and killboard hosting for small amounts of ISK to players, corps and alliances.

Needless to say things have moved on.

So earlier today I created a forum post¬†offering the domain transfer for ISK. I think it’s a potentially strong web name if the right person or group want to take it forward.

If you’re interested, go to the forum and bid – that is the only way I will consider doing this – the proper Eve EULA compliant way.

I don’t have a figure in mind, but hope to see the project moved on and maybe have a little ISK to use when I beat this and can return.

UPDATE: I’d be happy to provide details of the excellent hosting service I use who have MySQL, WordPress hosting, and CMS systems all with large monthly storage and bandwidth, unlimited virtual hosts, FTP and email addresses etc.

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