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An update / an explanation / rumour control

by on Dec.07, 2012, under Eve online

I’ve been truly touched by the comments left after me last post. After talking briefly with some people in game during a better moment, I thought I should offer a better explanation.

No – I didn’t emorage quit, even though I lost a Nomad to a well organised war target trap.

Yes – I’m not well. I’m posting this from WordPress mobile while receiving chemotherapy for Myeloma, which is a (currently) incurable form of blood cancer, although treatments can be quite effective so I’ve been told.

I’m also having some radiotherapy and will know more in about 15 weeks.

For now, I’m not in a state to play or really follow or comment about Eve and, as many will sadly know from personal experiences, my young family has to come first.

So enjoy Retribution, and if things work out then I may be back some time in the future.

Best wishes to all my friends, enemies and readers.

Lorna Sicling
aka Eve Scientist

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  • Seismic Stan

    Thanks for taking the time to share that with us. I was wondering. I hope all the best for you and wish you a great Christmas with the family and the strength to enjoy many more.

  • Ian Morrolan

    I’m working on my seventh year of survival with an incurable form of lymphoma. There is life on the other side of chemo and radiation, and it is *good.* Hang in there, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • Silinde Telemnar

    I never reply in blogs but I had to for this one. I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and I thuroughly enjoy it. I have learned much from it. You will be sorely missed in my books.

    I wish you and your family the best. Good Health to you.

  • TurAmarth

    Hang in there, you re in our thoughts and prayers my friend.

  • Helena Khan

    Keep us posted Sci… speaking of posting, definitely missing your blog updates. Understand why you can’t. More like a just so you know :)

    What all the the others said too…

  • Ardent Defender

    Hey bud, keep up the Courage and Keep the Faith as you go through your treatment. I can only guess it helps to have a Positive outlook through it all as well with lots of support all around.

    Yeah the regular Readers miss ya been around, and I’m sure the greater community miss you as well.

    Keep your spirits high my friend…

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