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A difficult post to write (OOC)

by on Nov.11, 2012, under Eve online

Well, I never imagined that I’d be writing a post like this, but write it I must.

Over the past months those who know me in game will know that I’ve been struggling with health issues.  Following a recent medical appointment, this has become more complicated, and because of this I have had to make an incredibly difficult decision, but it is one that I had to make.

As of this moment, I will not be playing Eve for an indefinite period of time.  In all probability, I won’t be coming back.

Before I get any of the standard “can I haz ur stuff” comments or mails – no you can’t.  This has been taken care of in game already, and if I ever did come back, then I will be in a position to get started again without any real fuss.

For now, I’ve just clicked on the last “cancel account” button.  I’ve not biomassed anybody or sold any characters.  I did try the “free stuff for first trade” trick in Jita, and unsurprisingly I got lots of trades pretty quickly.  I also tried “can I borrow 5,000 ISK”, and funnily enough I did get a donation of 5,000 ISK to enable me to finish selling something (hint, don’t transfer all your funds until you’re sure you’ve nothing else to sell first).

A few thank you’s to the community:

  • Rixx Javix – thank you for including me in the blog pack.  I was never completely sure why you did, but thank you for allowing my blog the opportunity.  I hope I didn’t completely waste that opportunity
  • Siesmic Stan – thanks for letting me be involved in the blog banters in the way you have, and thanks for your encouragement and support – you are truly a gifted writer and a gentleman of the blogging world
  • Bleys – thanks for your encouragement to keep blogging, and I’m still a little bit freaked out at how easily you tracked me down :P
  • Tur – thanks for being the most prolific commenter on my blog
  • To everybody who read my blog – thanks for reading, the page views were truly humbling

To all of you who play Eve – keep the faith and don’t let CCP lose focus on what’s important – you as their customers!

To all of you who read this and don’t play Eve – trust me, download the client and play.  You may sometimes question your sanity, but you will never, ever, find a game as immersive, unique, frustrating, fulfilling and engaging as Eve online.  Do it now. Right now.

Signing off,

Eve Scientist