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A difficult post to write (OOC)

by on Nov.11, 2012, under Eve online

Well, I never imagined that I’d be writing a post like this, but write it I must.

Over the past months those who know me in game will know that I’ve been struggling with health issues.  Following a recent medical appointment, this has become more complicated, and because of this I have had to make an incredibly difficult decision, but it is one that I had to make.

As of this moment, I will not be playing Eve for an indefinite period of time.  In all probability, I won’t be coming back.

Before I get any of the standard “can I haz ur stuff” comments or mails – no you can’t.  This has been taken care of in game already, and if I ever did come back, then I will be in a position to get started again without any real fuss.

For now, I’ve just clicked on the last “cancel account” button.  I’ve not biomassed anybody or sold any characters.  I did try the “free stuff for first trade” trick in Jita, and unsurprisingly I got lots of trades pretty quickly.  I also tried “can I borrow 5,000 ISK”, and funnily enough I did get a donation of 5,000 ISK to enable me to finish selling something (hint, don’t transfer all your funds until you’re sure you’ve nothing else to sell first).

A few thank you’s to the community:

  • Rixx Javix – thank you for including me in the blog pack.  I was never completely sure why you did, but thank you for allowing my blog the opportunity.  I hope I didn’t completely waste that opportunity
  • Siesmic Stan – thanks for letting me be involved in the blog banters in the way you have, and thanks for your encouragement and support – you are truly a gifted writer and a gentleman of the blogging world
  • Bleys – thanks for your encouragement to keep blogging, and I’m still a little bit freaked out at how easily you tracked me down :P
  • Tur – thanks for being the most prolific commenter on my blog
  • To everybody who read my blog – thanks for reading, the page views were truly humbling

To all of you who play Eve – keep the faith and don’t let CCP lose focus on what’s important – you as their customers!

To all of you who read this and don’t play Eve – trust me, download the client and play.  You may sometimes question your sanity, but you will never, ever, find a game as immersive, unique, frustrating, fulfilling and engaging as Eve online.  Do it now. Right now.

Signing off,

Eve Scientist

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  • Makeshift

    I’ll keep the seat warmer on, old friend.

  • TurAmarth

    Damn man… I, and so many, are really gonna miss you. I wish you the very best… you are in my thoughts and prayers… (this from an agnostic may not be as useful as it sounds… but there ’tis…)

    It was an honor, and a privilege, to fly with you…. o7

    Take care and fly safe where ever you may go… my good friend.

  • H

    Really sad to hear about that. Yours was a blog I found completely by chance and one that became overnight required reading.

    Hope everything improves and we see you soon. Take care of yourself.

  • lithron

    Take care of yourself. Going to miss the blog, but RL > Eve (crazy, I know)

  • Mostly Vain

    Really sorry to hear this. I found your blog by accident about half a year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it :D
    I hope that whatever health issues you are currently undergoing, are over come :)

  • eric j

    Eve Scientist,

    So sorry to hear about your rl health issues. I sincerely hope that you get better. I loved reading your blog and I will continue to go back over your old stuff from time to time as long as you leave it up.
    Best of luck.

    Concerned Reader

  • Thighzen

    Really sad to hear about your health issues. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your journey through Eve and I have learned a lot about aspects of the game I had never tried. I’ll miss reading about your endeavors. Fare well wherever life takes you! o7

  • Chaos Logic

    You are a valued contributor to EVE, and our community. Sad news like this hits home though we’ve never flown together. Best wishes wherever your road leads.

    – CL

  • Serpentine Logic

    Get well soon.


  • Kazansky

    but, but, but… I feel sad for myself and carrying hope for you. good luck…

  • Red Neckromonger

    My best, most optimistic wishes for you in your current situation. Sometimes a positive attitude is enough to shift momentum in your favor. So I have a positive attitude for your return to us. Until then, best wishes for you.


  • Azgarreth

    I am sorry to hear that :(
    I hope you’re going to get well again, and I am hoping for you to return someday. I enjoyed reading your blog, and I’ll miss reading it in the future.
    See you soon,
    One of your reader.

  • Carrots

    Best wishes mate, new eden is a bit more cold and ever more so lonely without you and your fantastic blog

  • Iceywolf

    As your friend and former CEO I am deeply saddend today. Since I do not play anymore I feel like I have been missing my friends and now I feel like I am losing one. I will contact you further soon and in private but I want all of the eve community to know that you have been a prized player and most of all friend. I only wish to see CCP honor you with the highest regards as being a valued member of the community. Today is a very sad day, a very sad day indeed.

  • Ferritos

    you are one of the nicest people i have ever flown with, i am deeply saddened by the loss of you from our corp and from the eve community.
    I hope everything turns out ok with your health issues, and i hope you one day return to us.
    It has been a pleasure flying with you.

  • Suff

    Can I haz my Lor back? Don’t need stuff, don’t want iskies… just needs our Lor….

    To Lor, the only one that could convince anyone to take my pills. Drugs really don’t sell themselves. Thanks for making my quest to fufill a promise an old friend complete, if only I now will carry on for you as well. My first titan project will be in your honor. o7
    To me you allways will be “that guy I swear I heard on Clear Skies!”

  • Searsy

    Been reason your blog since it was included in the blog pack and have always enjoyed it, sad to see you go.

    Fly safe dude o/

    • Ardent Defender

      Spent allot of time here on the blog and always enjoyed the read as i always find it all relatable in space. Enjoy the time to do other things and to take care of life. Taking care of life is one the hard things that always get in the way of playing EVE and dedicating some degree of time to it.

      Yes something about EVE that makes us that have left comes back at some point. You’ll be back….

  • Firstly

    I hate to hear that you’re leaving. I never flew with you (or against you, to my knowledge). I never even heard your voice. But I feel the loss all the same. My sincerest wishes for your improving health, and deepest gratitude for your contribution to my Eve experience.

    Fly safe, my friend. o7

  • o7

    This has been one of my favorite blogs to check weekly, then sit and read and enjoy the articles. Thank you, all the best for the future.

  • Jezaja

    Take care!
    We never met ingame, but i was reading your blog very often.

    Where ever you fly now, fly safe, and maybe you will return to the star someday. o7

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