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The Carebear Tears Files: Repetative Confusing Mish Mash

by on Nov.06, 2012, under Eve online

Eve online is, essentially, a game all about pitting one player against another.  There are no “safe” places in Eve.  But this rant post isn’t about that.  Don’t get me started on that topic, when I manage to be in a completely calm place, I might decide to say a few things about that.

Why, then, is it that when I want to do something I need to pre-warn various medical professionals that I am about to embark on a path which will inevitably lead to repetitive strain injury?

If I want to shoot somebody I need to click my mouse precisely 5 times and complete 9 keypresses:

  1. Undock
  2. Select target on overview
  3. Lock target
  4. F1
  5. Select local chat
  6. type “lol noob” and hit enter

If I want to make a ship to be able to undock with, I need to do this (some sequences may be shortened if you keep everything in one hanger):

  1. Click on unified inventory – window opens
  2. Click to expand list of corporate hangers
  3. Make cup of tea while unified inventory queries every single item in every can in every hanger division
  4. Click on blueprint tab
  5. Scroll down to blueprint (or type in the name in filter if you prefer)
  6. Right-click on blueprint and select manufacture – window opens
  7. Click on input tab to select ore and minerals tab (no, you can’t set a default for this action)
  8. Click on output to select production tab (again, no default choice)
  9. Click on quantity, delete 1 and replace with the number you want, unless it happens to be 1
  10. Click on installations – new window appears
  11. Set filters to either be Corp or Public as required
  12. Click on the location where you want to use a production line
  13. Click on the production line you want to use
  14. Click on ok – window closes putting you back to manufacture
  15. Click on ok – window opens with materials and skills, hopefully with no red x’s
  16. Click on accept
  17. Do other things while job runs
  18. Click on science and industry – window opens
  19. Click to get jobs, ensuring filters are set correctly to show jobs with any active state and to include manufacturing and to cover you or your corp as appropriate
  20. Click on green completed job
  21. Click on deliver
  22. Close science and industry window
  23. Open unified inventory
  24. Navigate to where you delivered the job (or undock and fly to POS if it was at an array in space

Now, that was a really extremely very simple job.  I made a ship. 

I’m not going to get into any depth with farmville Planetary Interaction (PI), although credit where credit is due, CCP have vastly reduced the number of clicks needed to run it in a basic form from when it was originally launched, and for that I am very grateful indeed.  However, setting up PI is still far too complicated and involved.  To just set up one planet with a simple P2 extraction and production chain to make coolant or something similar involves so many clicks it is stupid.

Invention, copying, manufacturing… all could benefit from some form of bulk activity.  For example, if I want to start inventions for 10 Hobgoblin II’s all using the same mobile laboratory, why should I have to select each blueprint in turn and then go through the whole click happy process of inventing, and then repeat the identical process a further 9 times.  Couldn’t I select a stack of 10 BPC’s (yes I said a stack – sue me!) and say “Invent”, choose the installation and set things in motion?  Wouldn’t that be reasonable?

For PI – why can’t I choose the schematic in my processor and then tell it where to get the resources from.  Sure, I can do it the old way if I want to split input, but to simplify it, I could do that or I could instead tell the processor to collect resources from one location.  Just think how many clicks that could save over multiple planets.

You know the best thing about all of this, for all of you leet Pee vee pee EFT warriors out there who are laughing at me for doing stupid things like this?  You can’t shoot me if I’m docked all the time clicking and typing trying to make things.

Make my life simpler and what will I do?  I’ll undock and mine in my Mackinaw, or I’ll fly around sites in my deadspace fitted Tengu shooting rats.  I’ll be out in space, and you’ll be able to shoot me and show me how leet you are and how fail I am.

Or things can stay how they are and I’ll have very little time for things like that, and you can complain about how empty space is and how people always seem to be docked up “afk”.  I’m not afk, I’m getting Repetitive Strain Injury.

NOTE: The Carebear Tears Files do not necessarily represent part or all of the opinion of this blog, and are written from an “angry carebear” perspective to highlight areas of the game that an average carebear might think is unfair / broken / an exploit.  Comments accusing me of tears or being stupid are, therefore, not really helpful – instead use these posts as an extreme viewpoint to be debated and agreed with / corrected / disputed.

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  • Tango

    A few months back CCP sent out that survey asking for feedback. I basically wrote this post’s example of building something (or doing ANYTHING for that matter) and the eleventy billion clicks it takes.

    So good work and keep it up – maybe CCP will listen some year.

  • TurAmarth

    Not a ‘big’ deal but, if I may…

    Targeting and firing.are two click operation… with nothing ‘on grid’ selected, hit “F1″, this will start the targeting icon pulsing, when you select your target, whether in space or from the OV, your ship will run through the targeting process and immediately fire the selected weapon AS SOON as targeting completes… 2 clicks.

    As for the rest… well, we can’t dock at a POS and we don’t ever talk in local in holes… LOL

    No comment on Industry megaclicks… =]

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