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Increasing throughput

by on Nov.02, 2012, under Eve online

Production has been successfully started at our new home, and various ships and modules are flying off the production line and being moved to market.

The next stage of the project is to look in more detail at material requirements and then match logistics up with what we extract locally from our own systems.

My intention is to double throughput on the T1 production lines, and to try and work out the kinks in the T2 production lines to ensure that people aren’t sitting around with empty production slots.

Key to all of this will be the base materials such as Tritanium and Pyerite, and in this sense I need to work out a good source of minerals for compression.  I’m almost happy with the items I will be using for the compression, and just need to balance that against what we are likely to harvest locally.

I’m hopeful I can open up a new source for us to supply some of our goods, potentially direct to our landlords and their allies.

Beyond that, I am trying to look further into the future and am considering whether we can leverage our Planetary resources to produce POS and Sovereignty modules.  Other possibilities would also be to look at T3 manufacturing, although this is an area in which I have absolutely no experience, and none of my characters have trained the skills to even try yet.

Booster manufacturing, which one of my Corp mates undertakes, is another thing to throw into the mix, as well as restarting the Alchemy production chain, however if I’m not careful we’ll end up with a POS on every moon – and I certainly don’t really want to be fueling all of those, as we already need 3 jump freighter loads of ice products every two months to feed our current herd of Caldari installations.

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