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Life in a wormhole

by on Oct.23, 2012, under Eve online

Well I did it, I tried life in a wormhole over the weekend.

One of my Corp mates had scanned down a wormhole in our system, and so I got an alt ready, climbed into a Buzzard and bravely warped to 10km, approached and jumped.

Local popped up with several contacts, and I rejoiced for a moment, hoping that Concord had finally fixed the bug in their systems and made local work.  Alas it was not to be, wormholes are apparently still broken, I was relieved to discover that I was still in Empire space.

Why I hear you ask?  Well, very fortunately for me, my Corp mate had scanned down a B449 wormhole.  What was even more fantastic about this wormhole, was that it put me less than a handful of jumps from Jita.

The beautiful thing about a B449 is that it can take three freighter jumps before it collapses, and the wormhole itself is big enough to let a freighter pass through.

I logged on my out of Corp freighter alt (as we currently have 4 war decs active, and they’re all of the Jita Tornado blap fit type).  He sped to Jita in a shuttle and then got into the first of the two Charon Freighters I had just purchased.  Filling his cargo hold with two iHub upgrades and moon goo to top things off, he jumped into the entry system, warped to my alt, bookmarked the wormhole and jumped in to our home system.  After bookmarking the other side of the wormhole, the freighter warped to station and docked (it’s nice controlling your own outpost so you can set standings to let neutrals dock when you need them to).

I climbed out of the freighter into a pod, jumped back through the wormhole and went back to Jita where I picked up the second Charon, again with iHub upgrades and moon goo, and got back through the wormhole to our home station.

This time, I unloaded the freighter, loaded up with things to take to market and jumped the freighter through the wormhole, collapsing it and separating us once more from the nearby Jita hordes.

As local loaded in the hi-sec entry system and the wormhole closed, I was greeted by a Heron and a probe.  If I’d waited maybe 30 seconds more, I’m betting that the Heron would have jumped through the wormhole, and my alt in a sensor boosted interceptor would have had some fun blowing up the Heron and pod, as the pilot found themselves trapped by the freighter collapsing the wormhole.

It’s a shame that this didn’t happen, but my main focus was on the freighter runs, and that worked perfectly – a kill would have just been unexpected icing on a cake.

And so ends my tale of wormhole life.  Based on my experiences, clearly not all wormholes are broken, leading to desolate areas of space that don’t work properly.  Some wormholes are actually useful, and from now on, I will happily visit the following wormhole types:

There are a few others, such as B274, B520, D845, S047 and the rather pointless N110 wormhole.  I might visit these if I get in a fix, but otherwise the other wormholes seem pretty useless :P